Algorithms // AI


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In Media

Fellow Research: Scrutinizing Automated Decision Making Systems in India, Mozilla Foundation (Highlighting my Fellowship Research)

Telangana: Mozilla Foundation questions data usage by Samagra Vedika, raises privacy issues, The New Indian Express, (Quoting my research on automated decision-making use in welfare administration)

Big Brother is watching you; actually your face, Down To Earth Magazine (Quoting me on facial recognition systems in Indian policing)

The Hyderabad Model of CCTV Surveillance, LiveMint, (Quoting me on urban governance and automated decision-making)

Life in India’s Digital Dystopia, CodaStory, (Quoting me on urban governance, policing and automated decision-making)

When India’s Airports Reopen On Monday, They’ll Be Pushing Travelers To Use The Government’s Controversial Contact Tracing App, BuzzFeed News, (Quoting me on Automated Health Screening Applications)

Face-Off Over Facial Recognition Systems, Forbes, (Quoting me on Facial Recognition in Indian policing)