Bombay High Court Orders ‘Urgent’ Ex-Parte Ad-Interim Applications in IP Matters to be Held in Chambers (Now Revoked)

IP Law

As per a notice dated November 6, 2019, the Bombay High Court had directed that all urgent mentioning for ex-parte ad-interim applications in IP matters will be held in the chambers of the judge, from November 7, 2019. As per the notice, the matters allowed to be circulated after the in chamber hearing, will be placed on the ‘production list’, which will be heart at 11:00 am on the assigned date.

This procedure had been adopted on the directions of Mr. Justice SJ Kathawala, who at the time held the IP portfolio in the Bombay High Court’s roster or ‘sitting list’. The notice was valid until November 11, 2019, when there was a change in the sitting list and the IP matters were reallocated to Mr. Justice Gupte.

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